We have created an information document regarding the EHC Needs Assessment process. This document gives the legal stages and timescales, along with further information regarding how Solihull follow this process and information from the SEND Code of Practice and the Children and Families Act. Please click on the link to open this document.

EHC Needs Assessment Process-1

EHC needs assessment: Process – Portsmouth SENDIASS


We have created a list of Special Schools, in or near Solihull. This lists the name of the school, the type of school and the age range of pupils.

Special Schools (1)


Slides from training with Luke Clements with regards to social care law and how it applies to children and young people with disabilities.

Luke Clements- Disabled Children & the Law 2023 01 Handout


Our updated transitions booklet us now available:

Transitions Booklet 23


Solihull Parent Carer Voice now have a book library.

We have accumulated a number of books that we can loan out for the period of one month.

We would ask that you treat these books respectfully and return them in the same condition you borrowed them in.

We will have to charge for any damaged, lost or not returned books.

Please complete the attached form to request a book, we will contact you to let you know when the book is available and to arrange getting the book to you.



Transitions event-1
Transition event Post 16-1

Supporting Transitions in the Early Years- building partnerships1

FA Choosing A School OCt 21
Special school transitions (1)

transition-passport TransitionGuidanceAmendedApril2021
Moving Up! The transition to secondary school – Assembly PowerPoint FINAL chat health poster
Activity Two - Finding Support
Activity Three - Helping Friends
Activity One - Embracing Change
Activity Four - Identifying Strengths and Goals